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Welcome to Touchtone Pleasures, the Premiere Phone Sex Fantasy site. We aim to provide our clients with the ultimate phone fantasy experience. The sexy, erotic ladies of Touchtone Pleasures are highly versed in the areas of erotic pleasures. Between us all, we have decades of experience providing erotic phone sex pleasures to men, so you can rest assured that when you place a call to TouchTone Pleasures, you will be satisfied.

The ideal Touchtone Pleasures client chooses erotic telephone conversation as his masturbation aid of choice. He is highly imaginative, passionate, intelligent and knows that all orgasms originate in the mind.

If you're into "moaning and groaning" type phone sex calls, then we're probably not the phonesex service you're looking for. We prefer to put much more thought into our erotic fantasy calls. To us, phone fantasy is an exquisite combination of the Erotic and art. If it sounds like we take phone sex too seriously...that's probably because we do! If not "too" seriously, then definitely very seriously. Every fantasy should be an adventure - let us guide you through yours. We have all posted detailed profiles on our individual pages within the website, to help you in selecting the Touchtone Pleasures fantasy "parter in crime" that's best suited to your fantasy needs and preferences. We've also posted our contact information (email and Yahoo ID), so if you'd like to contact us before your session, to make sure that we're a good match for your fantasy, feel free to do so - you can expect a prompt response.